Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. Indeed, I believe that the women in our culture are the primary custodians of family stories. Many of my images end up in handmade books, some with words, some without words.

Throughout my 40 years in photography, I have discovered the value of an intimate support group for pushing one’s creativity and nurturing the expression of one’s deepest emotions. The five women in Salon Jane are my artist family. They are a valuable source of encouragement and inspiration.

Salon Jane: The Ethereal Zone

Monterey Museum of Art
September 20 - November 26, 2018

Handmade books are my favorite art form for my stories. Currently, I am using members of my family of origin as my primary source material. The images and words in this exhibition are part of a series that explores the life of my mother, Marguriette, my father, Perry, and their influence on me and on others.

Examining the humor and pathos of the human condition is my abiding interest. By creating handmade books, I invite viewers to hold my questions in their hand and reflect on their own experience.

My Hero

My mother was my hero. She was a shining example of unwavering strength, love, and remarkable wisdom. She raised six children, was married to our father for fifty years, and was the primary breadwinner for our family of eight.

This exhibition is a tribute to my mother, the “unsung hero.” I used a variety of photographic media and poetry ranging from whimsical to somber in an attempt to reveal her life with honesty and honor it with sensitivity.

My passion to create art celebrating my mom, a relatively unknown woman, was originally intended as a record of her story for her grandchildren. I ultimately decided to be brave and share a private life with the public. I hope it encourages others to honor their loved ones.


Anna graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History in 1966. She studied black and white photography and mixed media at Monterey Peninsula College with Henry Gilpin, Roger Fremier, and Don Anderson, and color photography and printing at University of California Santa Cruz with Jack Fulton. Anna has taken private classes with many noted photographers including David Bayles, Ruth Bernhard, Martha Casanave, Lisl Dennis, Tom Millea, and Ted Orland.